1997 Western directed by Sam Raimi. Produced by Sharon Stone, who plays the lead, Ellen (The Lady).

In the tiny town of Redemption, Herod (played by god Gene Hackman) holds a round-robin elimination-style gunslinging tournament. The Lady wanders in, the only female contestant, and procedes to perform the three "S"s. Sweat, Shoot, and Sex. Apparently Herod did something bad to her family in the past and she has come to off him in a nice, legal, well-paying way, or die trying. It stars a myriad of interesting characters, like the Indian that Cannot Be Killed With a Bullet. There's a lot of archetypes, stereotypes, and the script is pretty laughable if you're going for realism.

But listen, if you go to a Sam Raimi movie looking for realism, there's no hope for you. In any case, this proves to be a fairly decent movie despite Leonardo DiCaprio not playing a retarded man. The camera angles are pretty cool, the photography is great, and the costumes are fun to look at. Lots of eye candy in this movie, despite the lack of nudity, and overall, it is on par with Sam Raimi's other works. Take it as a "fun movie" with a sort of Deadlandsesque scene, and you will enjoy it

The Quick and the Dead

I'm walking home
A little drunk
My spirits sunk
Down low.

My chosen car
Comes fast about
And stepping out
I go.

Depressing, and plainly not autobiographical - since I am not dead

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