Sherman (of Sherman's Lagoon fame): "Poodle, the other white meat.".

Background info: Sherman is a shark who as a specific fondness for poodle breed. He detests weiner dogs. Every so often (it's rare, I assume so the joke doesn't wear thin) you'll see references poodles, in the form of dreams etc.

I tried so hard to find that daily comic strip, but after sifting through all of the cartoon archives of both '93 and '92 (it should be noted that '92 had many missing image links). I can only guess that the strip was in one of those missing images. :(

Good news though. There is a book also by the same title. I think it's a collection of strips. And it's a pretty safe bet that that specific strip will be there.

Book details (source the Sherman's Lagoon website):
"Poodle:The Other White Meat"

The Second Anthology of Sherman's
Comic Strips.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release date: April 1999
Paperback 127 pages
ISBN: 0-8362-8287-6
Price: $9.95 USD ($14.95 CAN)