Sherman's Lagoon is a funny cartoon strip made by Jim Toomey. It depicts the sea life in a Pacific lagoon. For people unfamiliar with the strip; take a look at

Main characters:

  • Sherman the shark. A lazy, stupid shark that will eat anything he finds. The strip's Al Bundy. Married to Megan.
  • Fillmore the sea turtle. Sherman's best friend. Being one of the more normal characters, Fillmore often have a quite realistic grasp of what's going on in the lagoon.
  • Hawthorne the hermit crab. An aggressive friend of Sherman and Fillmore.
  • Megan the shark. Sherman's significant other. A shark with feelings.
  • Ernest the fish. The lagoon's computer nerd.
  • Thornton the polar bear. Thornton has been on vacation in the lagoon for a very long time, and nothing indicates his departure yet.
  • Captain Quigley. Shermans arch enemy and nemesis. Ever since Sherman ate his leg, he has sworn to get revenge.

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