Tech TV, formerly ZDTV*, is a cable television channel devoted to the so-called "digital lifestyle," featuring shows that celebrate & explore technology and geekdom: the culture, the economy, and the toys.

Ever since it's inception (mid 90's) the channel has done well, starting as cracker jack Silicon Valley local television, growing into a large nationally broadcast TV superpower! (almost anyway) On no other channel can you see people playing Quake III Arena and taking apart iMac's! Some popular shows:

...among others.
*As of September 2000, ZDTV, changed it's name to Tech TV, or ZDTV 2.0 (as they like to call it.) The name change is part of a new brand identity strategy, as it expands coverage over Time Warner's and AT&T's cable networks. The channel was bought by Vulcan Ventures, Inc. from ZD Inc. on January 21, 2000.