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LG Electronics is a Korean electronics manufacturing company, which produces and markets worldwide everything from TVs, A/V and security equipment, and home appliances to PC components and telephony devices. Their anthropomorphic logo is composed of the Roman letters "L" and "G", with the G forming a face and the L as the nose - not unlike the e2 icon.

Founded as Goldstar in 1958, they went on to produce the following items in their first decade of existence:

LG Electronics has annual sales of over $17B USD. One of their most visible product lines in the USA is their array of mobile phones, distributed by LG Mobile Phones in partnership with major carriers such as Cingular/AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless. They also have a presence in Europe and Asia.

A newcomer to the North American mobile phone market, LGE provides both CDMA and GSM phones; as of 2003Q3 they had gained a 26% market share in the CDMA sector. Their phones range in features and price from the G1700 (with VGA-quality Organic Electro-Luminescent Display), to the diminutive G4011 (B&W display flip phone), which I've recently acquired.

In Europe, their phones were introduced in the summer of 2000; their rollouts in North America began around 2002-03.

Subjective Experiences

Now that I am paying attention, I see that LG also made the 52x CD-ROM drive in my Frankenpeecee at work...

cjeris says "LG apparently also makes toothpaste; cases of it can be seen in my local Korean grocery."

ModernAngel says "the 2003 TechTV Hottest Gifts show preferred the LG DVD+-RW drive over the Sony equivalent. I have 2, love 'em."

Company information from http://www.lge.com, http://www.lgmobilephones.com

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