The LG Communications G4011(G4010) is an capable entry-level dual-band GSM mobile phone, introduced in North America in 2003 through the Cingular/AT&T Wireless networks. Currently, the G4011 is the basic phone offered for AT&T's GoPhone contract-free service, while Cingular distributes the G4010 model.


The G4011 is a flip phone with a fixed antenna; its hinge feels sturdy and has good spring action. Closing the phone cancels whatever you may be doing with it, a handy feature. The G4011 is small and light enough so that you can forget it's even in your pocket.

Control buttons are in the standard compass+5 layout, and have a good solid "click" feel. You can press the two volume buttons on the side while the phone is closed, to toggle between vibrate and ring mode.

Call reception is decent, although moving near a window or outside will help as always. Connections to land lines are clear as day; expect a little more fuzz when calling a cell phone. Battery life is good - with moderate use, the 740maH lithium ion power cell will last a weekend without charging.

Nifty features:

Tech info

AT&T delivers the G4011 with both SIM lock and network lock enabled, therefore the phone must be unlocked before it is used outside AT&T's GSM network.

To access the SIM lock removal feature: enter 2945#*70001#. The phone will say "done". Go into Menu > Settings > Security Settings > Sim Lock > Network > Deactivate. It will ask you for the unlock code, which I unfortunately do not have.

There are rumors that the AT&T Customer Care people will give you such a code, if you ask nicely. If anyone here is good with that stuff, feel free to /msg me... ;)

Phone information from, unlock info from and verified by yours truly

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