This is my first day log for ages; I've been off e2 for a while, and way-hey! I'm now celebrating my return the other day. But enough of that.

Why does my life seem to be made up of several sets of experiences, groups of friends activities etc. which don't intersect? There seems to be no common theme, link or bond. I do something, then disconnect and go do something else; talk to somebody about one thing, and later somebody else about another - I wouldn't consider swapping people, or topics, around.

Why do I need to compartmentalise my life? Why?

Well, today I've not done much really. Turned up at a tutorial, in which I sat and tried not to feel too hung over, although I was. That feeling where it seems that your limbs are still saturated in alcohol, and are too heavy. Later I attended a tutorial which didn't exist (I hope, else I missed it somehow).