12:40 UTC

Greetings fellow noders. I've finally decided to plunge head-first into Everything, and not only increase the ratio of nodes I've noded to nodes I've read, which is currently very low, but write day logs as well. So here we are.

Today I plan to:

Ideally I'd also finalise the summer job with a potential employer writing Perl to make a web page run by the company more dynamic, but while he says he wants to employ me, and the sort of money I asked for looked okay (he asked me how much he should pay me!), he is doing approximately nothing with relation to me, and I don't know how much he'll actually pay me, or when I'll start. Grrrr!

21:33 UTC

Looking back at what I wrote this morning, I think I didn't do much today at all. However, while I don't get to tick off any of those bullet points, I did I did lots of useful stuff too. I drove to Perth (the Scottish, not the Australian one), my nearest useful town and back without doing anything stupid. You never know, I might get round to getting a test soon, then pass. Anyway, while I was there I bought three shirts and a pair of trousers for the bargain price of £50. Very good quality too.

I bought other stuff too, of course - a VISA card makes it so easy to spend. Oh, and I closed a bank account, moving some money into another branch. It seemed to be more troublesome than it probably should have been; it's not really in their interests to streamline the process, is it? Well, to be fair, they were quite helpful after all.