I was hanging around in a park with my mom and some of her friends. It was mid-afternoon, kinda cloudy, and we were hanging around, eating ice-cream mixed with vodka, out of the box. We just poured the vodka into the ice cream and didn't mix it in or anything and we were all taking spoonfuls of it. I took one spoonful at the bottom of the box that just had vodka left and it was harsh and I was kinda choking on it a bit. And I kept smoking these big long joints in between bites of ice cream and vodka. I inhaled really deeply on them, and I tried blowing some smoke rings and my mom was proud because I made some good rings.

Anyway, we must've run out of ice cream and vodka and joints, because we ended up driving home shortly after, over through the town square. My mom was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat. After we got through the square a girl my age appeared in the front seat and I found myself in the backseat, and she said, "Have you been drinking too? I can smell it really strong." And I said, "Yeah, I was sorta eating ice cream and vodka in the park with my mom." And we stared into each other's eyes for a bit and then she was in the back seat with me and we were lying down together and I had my arms around her and I enjoyed the rise and fall of her chest as she talked.