So ... today I noded some, but people did not seem to like my nodes. One even got brutally downvoted, even if IMHO it was simply factual, and I stand by it: I still think that building your own toaster oven is kind of a stupid and dangerous idea, much like making your own explosives, but without the imaginable justifications.
Besides that, I just came back from a nice weekend in Queretaro, a town I definitely reccomend to visitors of Mexico. A beautiful, big, colonial city centre, with a lot of people - but not overcrowded. And nice, friendly people, all of them, including the taxi drivers (I know that New Yorkers will not believe me here, but it is true). Walked around a lot, ate birria, carnitas and barbacoa.

The first night was horrible. I came close to a relationship crash with my SO. The following day we made up, and now we are in a kind of happy, mellow spell - I certainly hope that it lasts.
Some swimming in the pool got us both slightly burned in strange spots, which is the effect of hastily applied SPF 20 sun cream. A lot of little tikes running around, but not obnoxious. They even lent us a ball for playing pool-volley (more like "goofy seal-like creatures volley" if you ask me).

At work, the Lesser Kahuna is away. The Big Kahuna is back, but I do not interact directly with him out of religious reverence, respect due to age, and a well defined fear that he will fire my ass if I presume. And how should I presume ?.
This means all decision taking is postponed to tomorrow.

The evil consultants that I mentiond on July 27,2000 have not sent word yet. It is clear that, to them, we are dogwash priority.

What else ? Miss Nice, the terribly nice new coworker has been nice again, all day long. Maybe she is on drugs, but certainly one welcomes her presence.
I am having my techies shuffled from one room to another, due to higher, weightier priorities. This sucks. The same dude keeps pestering me for the same raise, which I cannot grant him because I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY for it !
I wish he understood, and either left or shut up. But no, he looks at me with big round eyes, and makes me feel guilty.