A nice day ... like every one in fact. Advantages of living in a tropical country. But a bit boring, no need for weather forecasts: they are just too damn easy.

Anyway, today I had a very refreshing chat with the Lesser Kahuna about what we are and were we are going.
He does not really know, which is not entirely reassuring, since if he does not know, who does ? But this is the world of the Internet, where millions of dollars are spent on big-ass Sun servers totally on speculation.

And the speculation is not on an idea, rather on the hope that someone just might have an idea, and use all that big iron for a worthy cause.
And all this while fighting the evil SEP fields.

Anyway. tequila is of great help in this situation, both as a drink and when poured on lash wounds to disinfect them. And to make them smart more, in order to reinforce the learning experience.

Did I tell you that I am turning into a boss ? I hope that I do not go pointy haired all of a sudden. I already feel a bit more insouciant than before.