Friday night, 24 hours before the famous event, ascorbic was sitting in bed, debating the wisdom of travelling to the wicked place to meet a bunch reprobates. Luckily, the paranthesised one won me round, and one little trip on FirstGreatWestern later, and I'm in the land of happy people. Thanks you noders! You are great and I love you! After decamping from the poncy bar to a proper pub, so that wertperch can get proper beer, I foolishly got my laptop out with a skunk-crazed plan to create the definitive writeup to encapsulate the collective wisdom of our nodermass.
OK, I unplugged the cigarette machine, but we had the power, so, here is what you get if you take two dozen drunk noders and tell them to create a masterpiece…the following was all written on a laptop in the pub. Extras written in Heyoka's flat a few hours later. If any of the morons want me to correct their drunken typing errots, then /msg ascorbic and I'll post your embarrassing pleas here.

  • ascorbic, unusually pissed as a fart, humbly submits the wisdom of the London gathering
  • idoru wants moist noder flesh.
  • wertperch has won idoru's excellent prize for training the wild monkeys of the lost civilization of 'Wardour'(mambo)
  • Kidas: The E2 noder meet in London was atteneded by a million people, Most of them refused to have their photo taken.tallroo was sophisticated and intelligent. heyoka was bubbly and lovable. (darsi) was her usual, sexy, wonderful self. Werty sent messages to almost everyone about their needs and wants. Bluedragon did it by text. The Gritch was quiet, modest and talked quietly to almost everyone in his intelligent way. The atmosphere was wonderful. Noders Rock!
  • heyoka, having avoided killing the people who pointed cameras at her, still believed that noders were a Very Good Thing indeed, especially those who brought her Belgian chocolates. YAY FOR NODERS.
  • Great Neb: Apparently I have the best ass so far, according to Idoru. But wertperch was dissapointed that I wasn't an African Totem God as he had pictured. Noders kick ass, Tiefling is a theological expert and I bolocked to him whilst drunk. So far the most impressive thing has been bol's Apple Sidekick Tower. Gritchka is male, and he has a rocking beard, the mystery is lost!Bob the mystery noder is not here as it is the first day of Ramadan! I love asses.
  • Tiefling: I've met more theologians in the past few hours than in three years studying the subject! I moundries, my ass pays no heed to ay not have been ridden like a monkey, but I'll be at the next meet - no fear!
  • ReiToei Should one wish to ride me like a monkey, one has to present one's ass for inspection and scrutinization(sic.) My ass is by far the finest ass in the land. My ass knows NO
  • wertperch says: I firmly believe in the power of firm noder ass, and believes that noders not only kick ass, but spend rather too much time feeling them. I have successfully hugged all who would be hugged, and love them all. I have to say that my mental images of almost all these idiots^H^H^H^H^H^Hwonderful people was for the most part, highly accurate. The Gritch is most huggable, heyoka is truly cuddlesome and The Oolong Man is toothsome indeed. The best noder ass is officially ascorbic's (which he punningly said should be preserved for posterity, (and prolly will be), but my personal fave would be (darsi)'s or Great Neb's. End of report...
  • SharQ says.. some of the people here seem to be inherently allergic to photography... However, I am drunk, and ergo I am having a good time. I have met an awful lot of shamelessly interresting people, and the must be the best way of celebrating my oone month anniversary here on E2. Cheers everyone, and eh.. well.. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT HERE??!!??!!
  • TallRoo: This is perhaps the best way of spending an evening in Soho. Putting faces to usernames is an awful lot of fun. Thus far I have imbibed much alcohol and met many friends. Apparently I am sleeping in bol's bath tonight. Could be a bit cramped. \
  • ReiToeisays:
    Moderation sucks dick.

  • The Oolong Man is handing out tea.
  • jean-yves is sober, because he can't drink alcohol, so he used to see people staggering around in advanced states of inebriation. For the record, wertperch's T-shirt says 'Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty'. Just wanted to point that out. Seems quite apt.
  • This is jobby/ The thongy is closing now, I think we are going to leave soon. Oolong tea is very, very tasty. You should try some :) I don't photograph very well. This laptop is going to die soon, so I have to go. Bye bye.
  • spiregrain laptops in pubs are just wrong!!!
  • (darsi) says ... of all the things I expected this was not one of them. By far the most memorable evenings I have for along time, all of you have made me appreciate what a worthwhile project I have stumbled on. But, the best thing of all was that I tied with TallRoo for second place in the ass competition. A better compliment is hard to come by. And of course I remembered our absentee guest of honour and had a drink or three on her.
  • ascorbic and (darsi) have agreed they love bexxta! ..though K9 has been visiting the street pharmacist, so that might help.
  • sm597 says Wow what a night, what a party atmosphere, it was wonderful to put names to faces thanks bol for organising it and thanks to everyone who made it such fun!

wertperch, with a quick phone call, provided the missing ingredient, and we had Monkeys! Lesbians! Soy!. The meme is free!

There are a few of Kidas's pics at We need more!

/msg ascorbic to add to this post-mortem of possibly the biggest London E2 meet yet.