Simple, easy to play, potentially lethal drinking game.

A group of people assemble around the table with some beers each and a deck of cards. Each card has a specific rule associated with it. The players take it in turn to draw the top card. The rule associated with that card must then be performed. If at any point someone has to take a drink, then they must say the word "fotch" beforehand, or else they have to take two drinks.

As the rules of Fotch tend to be spread by word of mouth, and Fotch tends to be played while already pretty drunk, the rules have a habit of changing quite a bit. These are some suggested ones : feel free to change them as you see fit. Remember though that the idea is that about 75% of things should involve simply drinking (that being the purpose of drinking games), and that most rules should be really short. It's also possible to adapt these rules so that you can play with dice.

  • Ace : Waterfall.
    The person who picks up this card starts drinking, and the person to their immediate right also starts. When the second person puts down their drink, the person to their right starts drinking. The first person must continue drinking as this chain goes around, until everybody has drank. This is where most fatalities occur.

  • Two : You take a drink.
  • Three : The person to your right takes a drink.
  • Four : The person to your left takes a drink.
  • Five : Rhymes.
    The first person says something. The person to their right must say something that rhymes with it. Repetition or crapness means you drink. This is a rubbish rule, but nobody can ever think of a replacement.

  • Six : Dare.
    The entire group must, by consensus, decide on something humiliating for the player to do.

  • Seven : Slam your drink.
  • Eight : Everyone but you has to slam their drink.
  • Nine : Take a drink and reverse the orderof play.
  • Ten : Nominate a person to slam their drink.
  • Jack : Last person to raise their right hand takes a drink.
  • Queen : Last person to place their left thumb on the table takes a drink.
  • King : Invent a rule.
    This is the most fun, especially if you're playing with creative people. You invent any rule whatsoever, which must then be played for the rest of the game. My personal favourite was that we had to take a drink any time we said a word begining with the letter 'f'. Later that game I said "Is that a five or a four? It's a five. Oh no, I said five and four. Oh f..."

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