Ugh. Just got home and decided I'm long overdue for a little 1am Noding. So here I am in the day log blinking back sleep.

What hath kept me out so late? A defining characteristic of life right now is unemployment. Time has little meaning. My friends are getting a bit weary of me asking what day it is - and meaning it. Annoying lack of time-orientation aside, I can stay out late pretty much whenever I want. Tonight I watched Chicken Run and enjoyed it immensely.

I've been on foot since Tuesday. My car is kaput. That's okay - walking is therepeutic. Except when it's midnight and I have to get from downtown (Seattle) to my place, which is in the midst of a bad neighborhood. So tonight I dared the bus.

A man in a sort of mobile cart boarded just after me. He had to go through the whole beeping lift experience and then somehow navigate the crowd of stander-upers to get to the disabled persons parking area. People couldn't get out of his way too well as the bus was packed and most of them were drunk and not paying attention. About half way to the space he lost his temper and just started running over feet and ramming shins. The bus driver was amazingly diplomatic about getting the situation under control and calming the injured drunks and the frustrated guy in the mobile cart - all of whom were swearing quite creatively at eachother.

I said a silent prayer of thanks for several things -including my mobility and sobriety - and kept my eyes glued to 'Tales of the City'.