Just got back from the volleyball tournament (for charity) that myself and some people from work played in. We did very well for a bunch of overweight and out of shape geeks. We actually won a few games. All of them in fact. Of course, while we were registered in the competitive section, they (The CATT Fund, who gives toys and donations to needy families in the winter) didn't have enough so we got mixed in with the fun section. It was still good though. The couple of practices we've had after work have paid off... we actually did the 3 hit thing, bump, set, spike (well, not always technically a spike....), and I think we looked good out there. The second game, when we couldn't sub players in (we were playing 6 aside and only had 6 members) we worked up quite a sweat. Huge congratulations go out to all my teammates!

Mom stopped by this morning on her way to some class to drop off a birthday present from my granny in England (who I used to call "granny dog" (she boards dogs) as opposed to my mom's mom, who was "granny no-dog"). I haven't opened it yet, want to finish this off first. It was a good thing that she came by too, as she not only got to meet the new kitten, but I forgot to set or turn on my alarm clock this morning so I could have quite easily slept through the first game! That's still not a good way to be woken up though, with a grunt of "You're mom's at the door" coming from your SO beside you.