I've noticed that lots of companies congratulate you for buying their products. You buy the product, and either on the box, or in the manual, it says something like "Congratulations! You've just purchased..."

What I want to know is: Why?

Is making a purchase that much of an accomplishment? In some cases, congratulations are in order, such as buying a house or a car. Buying something of that magnitude warrants celebration.

But it gets a little excessive when it is applied to fried chicken.

From a box of Popeyes Chicken:

Congratulations! You've just made the right choice for flavorful fried chicken!

Hello? It's just chicken. I didn't purchase a multi-million dollar corporation, or a luxury mansion. It's a freaking box of chicken. The company should be thanking me for choosing their brand, not suggesting I thank them for providing me with an opportunity for such a "grand accomplishment."

Perhaps that's what they're trying to do. They want their chicken to be lined right up there with yachts and winter cabins. You're not just buying their product - you're buying the luxury of owning and using that product. What a crock of shit.

UPDATE: I just happened to look at the back of a bag of Beef Jerky that I bought. What did I see?

Congratulations! In your hands you hold the world's finest beef jerky! Only the choicest, most flavorful cuts of...

You get the idea.

Congratulations! You have finished reading this writeup!

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