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So I'm at Family Video, right? My brother and I are looking for Romeo Must Die, heard it was a good movie, so we're gonna rent it. Our trek took us dangerously close to the adults only door. As we were scanning the R's, I hear screaming in the background. There's some horror movie on the monitors, so it's just kind of filtered out in my head. After a few seconds it starts to get annoying. I look at the monitors. It's not that.

Suddenly, this little kid, about an 8 year old boy, comes flying out of the porno section, screaming at the top of his lungs. I nudge brother, and we share a brief chuckle at this guy's expense. Poor kid. He grabs his mom, she comforts him. He stops wailing, but the general wailing continues. It becomes evident that there's another kid in the wank room. I'm about to duck in and rescue him (heh), when he comes out. He looks about three. He's being carried by his dad.

In his other hand were five yes five pornos.

This guy was the classic perv: greasy hair, beer belly, coke bottle glasses, "Fuck You" t-shirt. Real nice guy. He pays for his porn, collects up his kids and wife and leaves in an old full-size van with curtains in the windows.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but- Ugh.
Some people don't deserve to have kids.