"It does not matter. It hardly matters."

I am listening to Mates of State trying to make myself feel better. Here I am, in my college years, the best years of my life. And I don't know what to do to make myself feel better.

I tried going to the gym. I just felt weak and out of shape. It used to make me feel so much better. Food used to make me feel better. Reading used to make me feel better. And taking showers, and writing stories, and listening to music. A lot of things used to pull me right out of these moods.

I guess I am just your typical whiney Liberal Arts college student. Now I just wait for my boyfriend to call me. So I can talk to him. Poor kid is off taking a physics final right now though. All my friends are refusing to let me drink because I have the flu. So I guess I'll have to find something else.

On another note, long distance relationships are harder than you think they will be. I thought it would be ok. But its much harder than I thought. How can you be on the other side of the world (or atleast the country) while the person you care most about is stressed out and there is nothing you can say. Its much harder to miss someone when you know how long you have to miss them for. Its easy to miss them, I mean, its just hard on you.

If these are the best years of my life I give up.