A two-member band (Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel) from Topeka, Kansas, formed in late 1997. Experienced musicians, the two decided to focus on a small band with a very full sound, in the end being picked up by Omnibus Records. The result is amazing, considering the band consists of only an organ, drums, and the two members' belting vocal cords.

The two sound much like Dashboard Confessional with an organ replacing acoustic guitar and more spirit. The genre they fit best within is emo, with the rock replaced by some other form of musical vigor. Their songs are generally light, though tonally rich and an interesting listen. When played for those who aren't familiar with them, the first thing noticed is their beautiful harmonizing and intriguing sound.

In concert, the two are amazing to watch. Eyes shut tight and bodies and minds so evidently bound to each other and the music, Hammel's mouth opens impossibly wide as he slams the sticks down upon the vibrating drums, Gardner's hair falling forth across her face as she hits a seemingly infinite number of yellow, red, white, and black keys on the organ. The two make cryptic references to lyrics between songs, smile, and begin anew. They don't play to the audience; they play to make the music, which drifts above our heads and thickens the air.

Full Albums:

7" Singles:

  • Mates of State / Fighter D (split)
  • Beehive State / Uber Legitimate
  • Self-Titles

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