I'm blasting Sonic Youth to drown out the boy acrossed the halls "Experimental Music." I'm feeling a little pretentious about it. But he was more pretentious when he told me that he is an "Experimental Musician," and that is why he plays a child's accordian at 4 am.

I'm not sure why, but it seems that all of my friends crash at one time. They all go crazy with stress and anxiety at the same time. And by the time I've talked to them all, I have a hard time sounding sympathetic any more. But, I really do feel horrible about it. I think its the worst with my roommate, because I have to hear about it everyday. I would like to remain sympathetic, but its starting to drive me crazy with annoyance.

I just don't talk about things like that. I just go crazy inside until I get sick of feeling that way, then, usually, I get over it. Her worries are the same as mine: got too drunk, did embarrassing things; don't know what to do with life; uninspired to do homework or photography; parents being assholes; friends acting strangely; etc etc etc. Maybe it is better to talk about it. Myabe I'm just a bitter ice queen. But, I'm a bitter chunk of ice that is about to shatter and say things I'll regret.