It is really really cracking me up how many geek nodes there are. Kinky geeks, gay geeks, lonely geeks, girl geeks, fat geeks, skinny geeks... It seems as though everyone has written about it... Why can't they all just be happy and realize that everyone else, or atleast someone else, feels the same way? They talk about how they can't get girls, but all their geek friends can... Its just a matter of time. Someday some girl who's been in love with you since Junior High will finally work up the courage to chase you down. Giving you frantic calls and collages. But, really, you probably won't feel any better.

I don't really have any advice for these kids... You're just going to have to figure it out for yourself. I was just noticing a really high number of these types of nodes. Of course, well, I was reading them. But, I'm a bored geeky college girl. So... mmm, no, I guess it really isn't any different.