Tonight I was watching the movie The Full Monty (1997,, and had an epiphany. Sometimes it's amazing what comes to your head when you have a cold.

Someday hope to own a garden gnome.

Sounds kinda silly doesn't it? A garden gnome is a lawn ornament, a fancy thing that rich people put on their lawn to add to how silly it looks. But, a garden gnome represents stability, maturity and the ability to have control of your life. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm in no hurry to grow up or get old, but when that eventually happens, I want to be stable and sane enough to own a garden gnome or two.

This rather strange but quasi-rational thought came to me during the scene in the movie when they are returning the fixed gnome and the little wheelbarrow to go with it. Something about the sense of calm that it brought to Tom Wilkinson's character in the crazy times of layoffs and job losses just made sense to me. Luckily as a young one I'm a fair ways off from gnome time, but it's nice to think that that's in the future somewhere.

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