My 9/10ths of a cent
(or BP bite me!)

Gotta drive my wife down to the hospital
we're havin' another kid
Geez! Gas costs a LOT more 'n
just 2 years ago last time we did

Jus' 2 more days 'til payday
so i can fill up my tank
After gas and groceries
won't be hardly any left to bank

Gotta take my brother
to the VA Clinic tomorrow
' wonder if anybody's got
some gas money i can borrow

'got family just 3 states away
I'd sure like to go knockin' on their door
But i just can't afford the gas
to get there an' back no more

HEY! Mr. FAT CAT Oil Baron!
makin' the poor man suffer
for the price of gas ..

Next time i go down to fill up
Why donchya just have 'em
*drag* me outta the car
an' RAPE my ass!!??


And take that damned ancient *marketing* gimmick of 9/10ths *off* the price of gas ..
.. don't add *insult* to *serious* injury!?