Fancy name for someone who digs holes for living.

There's currently a bunch of earth removal technicians digging up the pavement across the road from me. I think they're with the water company. Not only have they managed to remove a large section of earth but they've also punctured the gas pipe.

So now, in deepest winter we have no gas. No gas equals no heating. But at least we get £10 in compensation for our 3 days of walking around the house in gloves and scarves. Joy.

My computer gives off some heat, I guess, so it's not all bad.
Position created by Supreme War Commander Nalish K'tak in the fifth year of the Earth-Hvungan conflict. Originally occupied by Greatlord Jherl F'hez, the duties of the office were, simply, the complete removal of humanity's home planet from the spacetime continuum. F'hez was replaced by Troop Master Skri N'efhelm when, during an experiment involving an untested piece of earth-removing equipment, the Science Fleet Vessel Ultimator was cast into the Infinite Vortex.

As the war dragged on and resources to continue the fighting became scarce, funding for the Earth Removal Project shrank and eventually the project was abandoned.

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