An out of body experience is the feeling of being separated from one's physical body during which one is being able to travel through space and perceive distant locations. Also known as astral travel and astral projection.

Here's a description of an actual out of body experience written by Michael Ross:

"Recently I had another tunnel experience where I floated out at great speed along a beautifully patterned tunnel - like a carpet/blanket extremely detailed pattern - I floated on my back which seemed to increase the speed - I don't normally see "guides" but have sometimes experienced a sensation of something being present - this time I saw a shadowy figure behind me . I then wanted to see my son who had committed suicide. He appeared in a roomful of children looking considerably younger than when he was alive ( he died at age 21 and he seemed about 12. I then hugged/kissed him which as you can imagine was a most exhilerating reunion. All this was done in a fully conscious state - I had also noticed that my astral arms and hands were extremely elastic and changed shape. "


Descriptions of out of body experiences are universal and have occurred throughout history, but there is no scientific evidence for out of body experiences, and sceptics claim that it is a product of an altered state of consciousness induced by meditation, psychological stress or drugs.

Many people report a high-energy vibrational feeling and temporary physical paralysis during separation; this is often accompanied by an intense buzzing, humming, or roaring sound. These sounds and sensations normally dissipate after separation is complete.