Classic video game charecter with a foul mouth. Every time he dies, he says "@!#?@!", whatever that means.

In the game of the same name, he has to change the color of 3d pyramid of tiles by jumping on them. Simple concept, but quite challenging, especially in the sequel, imaginitivly titled, "faster, harder, more challenging Q*bert" :)

Q*bert must avoid Coily, Ugg, Wrong-Way and the red balls that bounce about. Every time Coily comes onto a pyramid, he will first be a big purple ball and shortly afterwards he will hatch into a spring-like snake and will follow after you. Ugg and Wrong-Way do not appear until later rounds, but they each move across the pyramid randomly.

Whenever a green ball bounces about, Q*bert can catch it to temporarily freeze everything on the screen. Slick and Sam are not a threat to Q*bert but they can turn any square they step upon into its original color.

Spawned another sequel, Q*bert's qubes, which I've never played!