A software publisher that closed in the late 80's. They published (among other things) Beagle Term and Beagle Paint for the Apple II. They were noted for the excellence of their interface design. All their software worked well and was much easier to use than competing products.

They were a software publisher that started in 1980 and folded in the late eighties. They developed a lot of good software for the Apple II. Somebody has put up an online museum at http://www.panic.com/~stevenf/beagle/. Check out&my fondest memory from the eighties, the Beagle Bros Software Co Disk Care Warning Labels.

A while ago I bought a copy of their Beagle Works for $2. Works great on my old 16mhz Macintosh LC. The interface was great, I agree. File formats left something to be desired, but back then everything was proprietary. At least it was way faster than any of Microsoft's software.

Beagle Brothers was a third party producer of Atari 2600 games. Not that they made their own games. They simply ripped off existing titles and put their own name on them.

Beagle Brothers Games

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