The Denver Tech Center, often known simply as the tech center, is the second downtown of the Denver metro area. Founded in the late 1960’s it was one of the earliest, if not the first, suburban office parks in the United States. The official area of the Tech Center is just that south of I-225 and north of Orchard Road along I-25. But when used in conversation it is often used to mean the whole area from I-225 down to Lincoln Avenue, an extensive area of office medium sized office buildings, sprawling parking lots, and a few homes and condominiums.

It was placed where it is for good access to transportation, the aforementioned interstates and Centennial Airport. The southern half of the Tech Center was unincorporated Arapahoe County until recently. Then in response to yet another annex move by Greenwood Village the new city of Centennial was formed. This has the effect of relocation many offices, because previously they were listed as being based in Englewood because that was the nearest post office to the Tech Center for many years.

A lot of communications companies are located in Denver and especially the Tech Center. This is due to the location of Denver on the 105th meridian, making it one satellite relay from much of Europe, Asia, and South America. Additionally it is located relatively near the center of the lower 48 states and North America in general. Amoung others AT&T Cable (once called TCI) is located here.

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