Slaphead English comedian, most famous to international audiences for his appearances on The Young Ones (where he basically stood around and performed chunks of his stand-up act). Used to put lots of political stuff in his comedy (at least in the Eighties, when it was required, by law).

Did a couple of comedy songs that stuck in the national psyche - "Didn't you kill my brother?" (which was also the name of a Comic Strip Presents film IIRC) and "Hullo John, Got a New Motor?" - which was used for Toshiba adverts, wrecking his credibility in the eyes of some stupid people.

Did some sketch shows (Alexei Sayle's Stuff and Merry Go Round) as well as some travel documentaries ("Well that's about it for the Arab World. Perhaps I'll go and find another subcontinent to patronise..."). He recently wrote a book of short stories (Barcelona Plates). He also did a short-lived sitcom called Paris about artists in Paris in the early part of the 20th century (where he plays Degout - famed painter of cute dogs in watering cans), although it seems to have long since vanished without trace.

A cool guy who really ought to be on TV more.

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