One of the best keyboards ever manufactured. Almost completely indestructible, these keyboards have the best tactile feedback imaginable while typing. Every time I see one I try to acquire it, most people seem more than glad to let go of their old grungy Model M's. I give them a quick clean up, and viola.. Good as new, and still working perfectly. I've never seen an IBM Model M keyboard that is not functional. I've seen some with missing keycaps, but even with them missing, they still work fine.

IBM Model M's are also really heavy. This is great; the keyboard won't walk around on your desk as you type. Some of them also have replaceable cables. I doubt you'll find a replacement cable these days, but the fact that IBM did that shows how much thought they put into the design of these wonderful keyboards.

Each key has a separate keyswitch. You get a nice, satisfying click when you press a key. You get another satisfying click when you release the key as well. This is due to the buckling spring design. The keyboards also have greater reliability, due to sealed keyswitches which are based on capacitance (two metal plates getting closer together when the key is pressed) rather than actual electrical contact. Modern keyboards tend to have a large printed circuit board upon which a rubber conductive mat is laid, with little bumps. when the bumps are depressed, a keypress is detected. Cheap design, but when dirt and oxidation gets under that mat, it's toast. Model M's don't have this problem.

If you find a Model M, try to get it. Best of all.. no annoying Windows Keys, so it's great for Linux users. }:)