A smaller version of the IBM Model M Keyboard that started to be manufactured around 1990 and stopped around 1995. The IBM Model M2 features no curvature metal plate, so the IBM Model M2 is more flat and has its weight merely cut in half from an original IBM Model M.

The IBM Model M2 also has one-piece keys, which are basically enlarged keystems with letters printed on them... This also makes the height of the keys considerably smaller than an original IBM Model M.

The Model M2 also has plastic control arms instead of the original metal control arms, which makes keys like the spacebar almost impossible to remove without it breaking. These plastic control arms lead to spring mashing when re-inserting the keys... To fix this you would have to buy new springs.

The keyboard also features an attached cable, and approximately two inches cut-off from the top and half an inch cut off from both sides, compared to the original Model M. The blue IBM logo is also located on the top-right corner. Some of these Model M2 Keyboards where manufactured by IBM, and it was later bought by Lexmark.

As for Most Model M keyboards, this keyboard also features the infamous Mechanical "Clicky" Key Switch. The key-switch that provides visual, tactile, and auditory feedback.

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