Work has been a waste of time as usual. I’m sitting here waiting for a phone call, and none come in. So, I node. I write nodes and wait for a phone call. I also send email to my friends.

Today I tried my inhaler for the first time. I saw my doctor on Friday, and she said that my allergy problems were fixable and I had a mild form of asthma. Today after walking up the stairs, my chest felt tighter than I’d ever felt before. I took a puff of the Proventil, and felt all tingly inside. And better. This stuff is awesome. I love Flonase too since my nose isn’t as itchy anymore. So, every day I have to take:

A multivitamin
A Calcium tablet (for strong bones)
A combination vitamin C and E capsule (for healthy skin and hair)
A capsule of St John’s Wort (for mild depression)
A capsule of coenzyme Q-10 (for carpal tunnel syndrome)
A capsule of Allegra (twice daily for hay fever)
One snort of Flonase in each nostril once daily
One birth control pill
A puff of the inhaler (Proventil) as needed

Right now I have the hiccups. I hate the hiccups.

I think I drank too much caffeine today. I feel very buzzed and a little hyper. I crave constant mental stimulation.

I wish I wouldn’t have run out of votes today since I kept seeing nodes that I wanted to vote for. So, I will continue to work towards the next level because then I will be able to ching! nodes and vote more. That makes me happy. I just don’t want to create crappy nodes. I want to put up things that people can either read and enjoy or use as a reference. Song lyrics are boring to node though.

I hope I can buy my domain name on Friday. I will find out once I pay all my bills after my check is deposited.

Nodes I Wrote Today That I Like A Lot:
my first day of college
The Bad Roommate Node
sometimes friendships were meant to be destroyed

CD’s I Listened To Today:
Compilation that Jim made me that features Coil, Download, X Marks the Pedwalk (twice)
Muslimgauze – United States of Islam
Dead Can Dance – Into The Labyrinth (twice)
Muslimgauze – Jaal Ab Dullah

Listening to mellow music at work lately. I think it soothes the savage beast.