X Marks the Pedwalk is an industrial band which released their first album, Freaks, in 1991 on the Zoth Ommog label, which operates in Germany. The principal members are Sevren Ni-Arb and Regan Eracs. Their earlier works are characterized with cold beats and flowing sequencer work, mixed with slightly distorted vocals. X Marks The Pedwalk established their place in the industrial genre, and released a second album, Human Desolation, which featured Raive Yarx on keyboard, and not Regan Eracs. This album was not as harsh as Freaks was, and became the first example of what is now known as the XMtP sound. Later works, such as the 1995 maxi-single Facer, incorperated a popular techno element, which was continued on their 1996 album, Monomaniac. The most recent album, Drawback, blends both their earlier style, and the feel of Monomaniac and Facer, fusing all their styles into one singular album. XMtP albums are released in the United States by Metropolis Records, and recently a retrospective was released containing songs from all of the band's albums and singles.

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