All of these people. So very strange, all walking around and none of them minding a bit what it is that I am doing. Sitting anonymous in the crowd it is easy for me to blend in here. I look like everyone else, I sound like everyone else. I am one of you again.
This still doesn't feel like home.
So many people.
All walking.
No ideas.

Spent most of Saturday afternoon wandering around and watching large amounts of anime which was released while I was gone. New additions to the collection include the recently released DVD copies of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gasaraki and unfortunately the last disc of Cowboy Bebop. At one in the morning I pull the last Lain disc from the shelf in order to sympathize with someone else who seems to feel as displaced as I do right now.
Now in Los Angeles, I am leeching bandwidth from Skorch and just glad to be here finally. Apprehension waning into a sort of numb state and then finally into sort of odd depressed bliss.