Red River:

Also a street in Austin, TX, that runs through the East side of downtown, parallel with I-35. Several clubs and bars border the street, including the world-famous Stubb's Barbeque and outdoor music venue, Club de Ville, the Mowhawk, Elysium, Beerland, Emo's, and IV.

It's just far enough on the East side of downtown that you don't have to deal with too much of the 6th street retards, with their high heels and horrible hair cuts, but still centralized enough that you can people watch for hours on end.

If you're willing to deal with the numerous crackheads who will proposition you for some favor or another, monetary or not, then hanging out down there isn't so bad. There's also the 'Weenie King,' a man with the best hot dogs I've ever had sold out of a half-sized trailer. On the trailer, there's a picture of him dressed up like Elvis, hence the title of his business.