The magical world where beer commercials take place, a world where it's OK for both men and the laws of physics to misbehave. In Beerland, ordinary guys with no money, no personality, and no looks can drink the right brand of beer and get mobbed by big-breasted thong-wearing hyperwomen who feed on a diet of pure beer and sex. Nobody has a job in Beerland. In fact, everybody is in a constant state of just getting off of work, perhaps the most euphoric feeling known to man. The basic principles of science have also been altered in Beerland. Beer trucks can drive up the sides of buildings, and partyers can ski down them. Snow never deters the wearing of bikinis. Opening beer bottles can alter the climate, summoning a snowstorm in July for example. The average sports fan can play with the pros. The burgers are never quite finished at barbeques, so the pre-meal drinking keeps going on and on and on. And a soundtrack of classic rock favorites loops constantly in the air of Beerland. The works of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Joe Cocker, Boston, and Eric Clapton will not be forgotten here.

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