I don’t expect much from some one who has chosen fast food as a career, really I don’t. Which isn’t to say that I engage in frivolous class bias either. I understand that there are times in a persons life when there is no other opportunity than fast food to earn a wage. I myself have labored behind a brightly colored counter and offered saccharin smiles along with incorrect change. And yet, desperate for wages does not necessarily indicate stupid either.

I imagine this is one of those occasions where you get what you pay for, and the help at Arby’s must be very lightly compensated for their work. Today I patronized Arby’s because I enjoy a tasty bit of beef sandwich.

While I was endlessly repeating the specifics of my rather simple order to the exceedingly and increasingly daft cashier, I was witness to a travesty in customer relations.

A family of three had approached the other cashier and were inquiring about the differences between Home style French fries and Curly fries. The heavily tattooed and strangely awkward young man behind the cash register attempted to answer their interrogative.

“Well, curly fries are kinda brown and curly. Home style fries, they’re like, you know, home style.” He seemed unusually proud of his deductions. The family asking the questions seemed mostly perturbed.

In answer to their irritation he offered to resolve the situation with some quick thinking. "I'll just give you curly fries, if you don't know the difference you won't care."

Hooray for fast food employees!

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