• You may not work on your own car in your driveway. Heaven forbid. We don't want people thinking greasers live here.
  • You must cover your home in the same ridiculous expensive and soon-to-rot shingles that everyone, even the High School Gym , has on their structures (only valid in Nantucket).
  • You may not park your car on the street in front of your home, even if you're having a party. Blocking the gutters of the street with a car is verboten.
  • If you do not make all details of your personal life fully available to all, you will be branded antisocial and always ignored at meetings.
  • If the above doesn't work, you may be branded the quiet one next door the next time a minicam crew comes by.
  • What do you mean you can't keep your dog from straying a millimeter over the property line? Can't your damn dog read a map?

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