Haiphong (pronounced hi-fong is located in Northeast Vietnam along the Red River Delta about 20 km (10 mi) from Tonkin. Haiphong is a major port of Vietnam

Originally developed by the French who arrived in 1874, Haiphong houses textiles, shipbuilding, porcelain and glass industries were established. In 1946, however, as a result of the French-Indochina War, the French shelled Haiphong, killing about 6,000 Vietnamese citizens. After the war and the departure of the French the State of North Vietnam was formed (1954). The previously makeshift ports and channels were reconstructed and the shipbuilding yards rebuilt with Chinese and Soviet Aid. The textile and other industries were re-established as well.

However, in the Vietnam war, Haiphong again had the tar bombed out of them, this time by the US. The harbor was mined and remained so until the US. minesweeping operations following the cease-fire agreement of 1973. Reconstruction was easier this time due to the dismantling of many of the factories prior to the bombings, which were then moved back to Haiphong. At present, Haiphong has been rebuilt to a fair degree and a steel plant was established there in the mid-90's.

Haiphong is also the host of the Annual Water Buffalo Fighting Festival, which goes to show that you can't keep good people down

Source: Encyclopedia.com

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