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About time I updated this.


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futilelord suggested that I get an e2 account years ago. I miss that guy a lot.

And what is it I do?
Well, I live in Austin, TX. I'm a recent transplant from my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I miss my mountain. I miss my desert. Yes, I refer to these things as 'mine' because, well, they are.

I play a myriad of instruments, all of which make me happy. Cello, erhu, bass, percussion, and I'm known to sing a little bit here and there, as well. Since moving to Austin, I've found several bands to hook up with, and am currently putting together a cast of mongrels as my personal project, Raining in Shanghai.

I race bicycles. No, not just up and down the street. Track, long-distance road, criterium and Cyclocross). My rides consist of a Nishiki set up as a Randonneuring bike, a Merlin road bike, an old Columbus SL Steel Bianchi Pista track bike, and a perfect, never-been-built (soon to be by me) 1982 Benotto Modelo 3000. I love the car-free lifestyle I've been living for the past four or so years.

I work a lot. I play a lot. I work hard at playing hard.

And with whom do I associate here?

Well, mostly The Drunk Monks folks. You might know them as..


Some non-e2 websites of note, directly and non-directly concerning myself.. - my Myspace - my Cello - official website - Dr. Thunder - Raining in Shanghai - my LiveJournal - the anime website I help manage - some awesome d00dz

oh, don't worry. there's more where that came from.