A punk band from Melbourne, Australia they formed in 1991 under the name Runaway Boys. The band includes: Chris Cheney - guitar, vox; Scott Owen - bass; and Joe Piripitsi - drums. Soon after their first album and a drummer change they were on tour with Blink 182 and Offspring, and later touring with local bands. They almost toured with Reveren Horton Heat.
s/t (Import Bonus Tracks) -- Wea International (2000)
s/t (US) -- Warner Brothers Records (1998)
Hellbound: It's for Your Own Good -- Warner Brothers Records (1998)
Trapped -- Warner Brothers Records (1999)
Prisoner of Society -- Warner Brothers Records (1999)
Save the Day -- EMI (1998)
It's for Your Own Good EP -- Rapido Records (1996)
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I saw this guys at the Van's Warped Tour in 1999. Pretty good stuff. Pennywise was talking this band up during their set.