This is a game by Maxis the same people that make Sim City, Sim City 2000, Sim Ant, Sim Farm, and a slew of other Sim games. Basically this one is a Life Simulator.

I just bought this game and played it late into the night last night. The only problem was the irony of the situation. It kept smacking me in the face like a sock full of quarters. I bought it because I was feeling sorry for myself. Over the weekend I hooked up with a girl on Friday, but on Saturday she was running around with some other guy. And then there I was, with all my failed attempts at relationships, trying to get simulated people into good relationships. I'm probably going to suck at this game too. I hate when games point out my flaws, but damn it is a fun game.

See the point of this game is to create and maintain happy little sims. You buy them things, decorate their houses, get them to interact with other sims, form relationships, cheat on current love interests, starve them, etc. The one option I wish they would add is the ability for sims to assassinate one another. That would be pretty fun.

One of the cool features of this game are the additions that Maxis releases. From the Sims web site you can download all sorts of new goodies for the game. Some of them are not necessarily good (like the hamster incident). You can get new sims, new furniture, new toys, new food, etc. There also seems to be a pretty good community of players on the internet, that trade custom skins, strategy tips, hacks, and more.

Maybe this game isn't a graphical feat, or even that original, but it is kinda fun and addictive. Still I never play it anymore. Why spend time building up the wealth of your little sims so you can torture them in fun ways when you can just strap on a rocket launcher and frag people in Quake III Arena?

Hey look at me re-posting a nuked node! Going against the system, w00t! Ok, so I made improvements too, which I WOULD HAVE DONE if asked. I ain't no newbie, and this may come as a shocker to some, I actually give a shit about some of my writeups.