Once, a long, long time ago (i say that to add more weight to what i about to say) I became obsessed with Sim City. So obsessed I would drive in my car through various residential, commercial and industrial zones. Before me I would see the zone colours being laid out over the country side just as you would in Sim City.

One day I was leaving the central business distract (CBD) and a building was being given a face lift. My mind went back to Sim City; to the buildings in my CBD that upgraded and metamorphised as I lovingly nurtured them. I stared at the building, transfixed, hypnotised.

It was then that I ran into the back of a car in front of me. Lets this be a warning to you all. Sim City is Your City. Beware!

P.S. Now you know why i wrote central business distract above :)

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