Heavy Metal band from the late 80s, early 90s. They formed in 1986 and were one of the last big metal bands, before alternative music took control of the air. Their first major single was "18 and Life" off their self-titled album (it was also the reason I bought the tape and later the CD).

The band:
Rob Affuso - drums
Sebastian Bach - lead vocals
Rachel Bolan - bass, vocals
Scotti Hill - guitar, vocals
'Snake' Sabo - guitar, vocals
They had several more albums with Slave to the Grind (their 2nd album) doing really well, but after that their popularity waned. I believe Sebastain Bach is currently touring solo.
Subhuman Beings on Tour (live) -- Import (1998)
Subhuman Race -- WEA (1995)
B-Sides Ourselves -- Atlantic Records (1992)
Slave to the Grind -- Atlantic Records (1991)
Slave to the Grind (Edited) -- Atlantic Records (1991)
s/t -- Atlantic Records (1989)
Live in Moscow -- Atlantic Records (1989)