Steve Martin's sadistic dentist in the 1986 version of Little Shop of Horrors. He's a cruel, twisted, motorcycle-riding, painkiller-addicted, evil bastard. And yet, he's the best character in the film (thanks to Steve Martin's brilliant performance and killer song).

When Orin was a child he was always doing cruel things to animals, such as shooting puppies with a BB gun, bashing in cat's heads, or poisoning guppies. His mother knew young Orin would one day find a job where his natural tendencies would pay off, and sure enough Orin became a dentist, a job where people pay him to cause pain. He gets off on the pain he inflicts, strangely enough, and has a small altar to his mother in a closet in his office where he occasional bows down and prays.

Orin does not enjoy people who get off on the pain he is causing. In one incident, a new patient (played by Bill Murray) came for an appointment and was obviously enjoying the horrible pain. Orin threw him out and told him never to come back.

Orin was known to slap around his girlfriends and lovers, which was the impetus for lowly Skid Row flower shop clerk Seymore to feed the dentist to his killer plant, Audrey II. Seymore had planned to shoot Orin, but lucked out when Orin overdosed on painkillers and suffocated to death.

Orin was last seen being chopped into bits and fed to the killer plant.

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