It seems that there is enough enthusiasm to be found for a Dutch get-together that it will actually be worthwhile to organise one. So here is the deal!

I propose the place: Utrecht. This is a wise choice because the only place more central is Amersfoort and there's nothing much going on there. Plus I am the one crazy enough to do the organising and I happen to know Utrecht pretty well. So there.

Anybody who would like to come sends me an email and tells me what s/he would like to do and what dates would be suitable. Oh yes, and provides me with an email address so communications can be done that way in stead of by /mgs! Send all reactions to Tell all your E2 friends. Don't miss out.

If you're not Dutch but happen to be in the neighbourhood (Belgium counts), email me as well. You are welcome but will probably asked several times to pronounce 'Scheveningen', or, alternatively, 'Heerhugowaard'. We will laugh at you but will otherwise be as friendly as the Dutch know how to be... Looking forward to hearing from you all.

People who have expressed interest so far:

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