An action/comedy movie released in 1987. Innerspace was directed by Joe Dante. It was written by Chip Proser and Jeffrey Boam. The cast includes Dennis Quad as Lieutenant Tuck Pendleton, Martin Short as Jack Putter, Meg Ryan as Lydia Maxwell, Kevin McCathy as Victor Scrimshaw, Fiona Lewis as Dr. Margaret Canker, Vernon Wells, Robert Picardo, and others.

Lieutenant Tuck Pendleton is the test subject of a government experiment in miniturization. He and his ship are shrunk down to to about the size of two or three atoms and is supposed to be injected into a harmless rabbit, but instead the evil bad guys get a hold of him while he is miniturized and he accidentally gets injected into Jack Putter, a clerk at a grocery store. Jack gets sucked into the world of espionage and must defeat the bad guys and rescue Tuck before he runs out of oxygen.

Contrary to other writeups this is a fine movie. Sure it isn't an intellegent statement on politics and the cold war and it's effects on the impoverished third world nations. It is a silly movie, kind of like Spies Like Us, just fun to watch. I will think of this movie often when I slap myself when I'm hung over or tired just like our hero Tuck. I don't honestly know why this movie left such an impression on me, but it did. Even though I haven't seen it in years I can still vividly remember many parts of it. Ok, so it isn't a great movie, and it isn't the funniest movie, but for some reason I liked it and that is enough for me.