-The instrumental alter ego of Sister Machine Gun front-man Chris Randall. Crandall says that people can call it electronica or techno if they want, but he prefers the term "music for sex and dancing."

Randall has released two albums on Positron! Records under the Micronaut moniker, Micronaut, and Io. There is also a Micronaut EP entitled Slinky, that was originally released on MP3.com, but is now out of print. The first Micronaut song, Bust It, appears on The Resonance Compilation, and is incorrectly credited to Sister Machine Gun.
For more information, or to purchase, visit http://www.positronrecords.com.

-The first Micronaut album. Released in 1999.
Track Listing:
1. Brain Forest
2. Acidosis
3. Send in the Clones Pt.1
4. Send in the Clones Pt.2
5. Ribofunk
6. 12 Minutes
7. Deep
8. Sweeper
9. Black Hole
All tracks written and performed by Chris Randall.

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