Greatest Hits. With a twist.

In 1998 Matt Bianco were looking back on 15 years of recording history and thought it was about time to release a compilation of their best loved tracks. The only problem when your occupying such a small niche in the music business with such a small body of fans (some would call them elitist), is that everybody already has all your albums and there is really not an incentive to buy an album with tracks you already own.

Just being back from another tour, they had an idea: Why not record our best loved songs with our tour band lineup, so the fans who have never seen us live can get an idea on how we sound live? Recording live is an expensive business, and as Matt Bianco produce their records themselves, a cheaper alternative had to be found: They dug out the arrangements for the live shows, got the musicians together, recorded the tracks in Mark Fisher's studio "the Fishbowl" and voila: one (almost) live album.

The result is quite delicious, as the rerecorded tracks are beautifully arranged and the musicians sparkle. Tracks like Dancing in the Street and More than I can bear benefit from the transition to mainly acoustic instruments and Mark Reilly's voice sounds quite mature for a change.


  1. Sunshine Day
  2. Lost in you
  3. A Day in your Life
  4. Gypsy Lady
  5. River of Dreams
  6. More than I can bear
  7. You and I
  8. Say it's not too late
  9. Whose side are you on?
  10. Our Love
  11. Yeh Yeh
  12. Good Times
  13. Dancing in the street
  14. Get out of your lazy bed
  15. Don't blame it on that girl

Originally released in 1998 by JVC-Victor in Japan, this was rereleased by Interchord in Europe and Matt Productions on the Internet with a slightly different tracklisting.

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