A dilemma.

My first daylog ever... but I was introduced to E2 by someone I know in Real Life. That someone being the prolific fondue. I have read most of his personal stuff and daylogs now and although I know a lot more about him, it certainly makes me a lot less comfortable about being open on E2 because he will undoubtedly see. And he might confront me with it. I certainly did him - though hopefully not in an altogether unpleasant way. Although I haven't seem him face-to-face since then. Interesting.

For the moment anyway then I will have to keep it superficial. Today. Well. I got up about 1500 and then proceeded to start watching the original version of The Thomas Crown Affair. I like the new version quite a lot.

Now I am just worrying about university coursework I have to do for tomorrow but I am not doing because of noding. I also have a bloody bad cold or sinusitus or something. Argh. Anyway - concurrency beckons...